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The 10th Anniversary Forum game seemed to go well, and there was some call for a Christmas game...  so here we go, another ET Forum Game:

You can download ET here: (available for Windows/OS X/Linux).

We use the ET Mod "ETPro" which you can download here: (it will automatically download when you connect to the server) - It goes in your root ET folder (i.e the same folder that ETMain is in, NOT in ETMain).

Finally we use Teamspeak for communications, please join TS even if you don't have a mic/can't talk/other excuse, at least so you know what is going on: (Windows/OS X/Linux).

The Details

When: Thursday 20th December 2012 - 8PM GMT/UTC/Goose Time (9PM CET, 3PM EST)

Where: =EFG= Lemming Temple - Password: wolfefg

Teamspeak 3: Password: wolfefg

Theme: Something Christmassy/Wintery/Solsticey

Download from: (stick these in the ETMain folder, or download automatically from the server - it's recommended to grab them in advance).

Dover Bridge (Final)
ET Ice
North Pole
Raw Castle (Final)
Reactor (Final)
U Boot

(plus Stock maps)


* PB is disabled as it is no longer working with ET.  Please play fair.
* It is advisable to connect to the server in advance to make sure everything is working for you - if you need help, shout up BEFORE 8pm on Thursday!
* Easiest way to join the server is copy (ctrl+c) /connect , Start ET, Bring down the Console (key to left of 1 on the keyboard) and paste (ctrl+v).
* The drinking of alcohol is encouraged!
* To use red in your name use ^1
* Automatic downloads won't work if you install ET under the default Program Files directory under Vista/W7/W8 (unless you run ET as admin).

So I'm guessing by the fantastic response, people don't want another game?

Ill show up for some gaming.
But it might be a quick evening if its just you and me.

Silence is golden. I'll do my best to try to make an effort to be there, hopefully.



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